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Our services include strategy development, strategy reviews, leadership development, course design and other training and education services

Our Strategy Development Services

The strategy development services we provide range from an interactive presentation designed to get an organisation’s senior leadership team thinking about its approach to both strategy and leadership through to working with a leadership team to review and adapt an existing strategy or to develop a new strategy. Our approach is underpinned by our proven five-stage methodology, which is described in detail in The Quick Guide to Effective Strategy.

We also design and deliver strategy-making programmes to upskill an organisation’s own strategy-making team. We can deliver this as a stand-alone offering or as part of a more comprehensive course. Indeed, we can modify all of our services to meet a client’s particular needs. To get a feel for the sorts of courses, programmes and reviews we can deliver, why not have a quick look at the course specification for our award winning three-day ‘Strategy Masterclass’ using the button below. Or have a quick look at our Strategy Review capability, which is supported by SADIE, our Strategy Analysis and Decision Insight Evaluator. SADIE is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 and adds real value to our human analysis! Or read the first two chapters of the book so you can get a feel for the approach we take.

Strategy Away Day

Our interactive ‘introduction to strategy’ presentation makes a brilliant start to a management board Strategy Away Day. Please get in touch to find out more!

The Quick Guide to Effective Strategy explains our proven methodology for helping clients develop winning strategies
The approach we take to developing strategy is explained in The Quick Guide to Effective Strategy.

Our Training and Education Services

When we design and develop courses, we follow the Defence Systems Approach to Training (DSAT). This was developed as ‘best practice’ by the UK Ministry of Defence and meets the requirements of the International Quality Management System (ISO 9001). This ensures that as well as being cost effective, our training and education solutions meet the highest international standards, which probably explains why in September 2023 our ‘Strategy Masterclass’ received a national award for excellence in the design and delivery of training and education (see blue logo!).

We are able to help with all four elements of the DSAT process outlined below. Note that ‘training’ in DSAT terms “encompasses any training, education, learning or development, both individual and collective”:

  • Element-1 (Analysis): what is the requirement? Is a new or amended training activity required? If so, what kind?
  • Element-2 (Design): what should the training activity look like? Who will deliver it and with what resources?
  • Element-3 (Delivery): the actual delivery of the training intervention (usually a course of some sort).
  • Element-4 (Assurance): is the training activity being delivered correctly and does it meet the requirement? Moreover, is the whole Training System fit for purpose?

Our Leadership Development Services

Our leadership development services include presentations and seminars that explore the attributes, attitudes and actions (the 3As) of effective strategic leaders. These stimulate self-reflection, prompting senior executives to think about how they might improve their own leadership capability. Our course facilitators are both highly qualified and very experienced. Their success is down to their core belief that all facilitated learning interventions should be fully inclusive and encourage the open and wide ranging discussion necessary to promote inner reflection, heightened cultural awareness and understanding of alternative perspectives. Underpinning their approach is the belief that interventions should always be about the student, not the facilitator.

Leading the development of strategy requires a particular skill set

Other Services

In addition to the strategy, leadership and course development services outlined above, we offer the following additional services (all of which can be delivered on-line if required):

  • Exercise Design and Delivery: support with the design and delivery of strategic exercises to develop executives’ leadership skills and strategy-making expertise.
  • Mentoring: mentoring of senior executives during strategic exercises designed to develop their leadership and strategy-making skills.
  • Conference Facilitation: chairing and facilitation of panel discussions, Q&A sessions and VIP speaker interviews.
  • Seminar Facilitation: facilitation of student/executive seminar discussions on subjects determined by the client.
  • Peer Review: peer review of papers and journal articles on leadership, strategy and course design.
  • Media Projects: military advice and guidance during the scoping, development and production of media projects (such as documentaries, reality TV shows etc).

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