Strategy + Leadership = Success

High performing organisations have a clear view of where they want to be in the mid to long term (5 – 10 years) and how they’re going to get there. Whether you are in the public, private or voluntary sector, we can help you define your organisation’s vision and develop the strategy, and the high-level leadership skills, to achieve it.

Craig Lawrence, the CEO of Craig Lawrence Consulting

Craig Lawrence founded his consultancy company after spending more than four years at the Royal College of Defence Studies (RCDS) researching, writing about and teaching strategy-making and strategic leadership to an international cohort of more than 500 senior executives. The College is the UK’s leading provider of postgraduate education in the fields of strategy and strategic leadership and the aim of Craig’s company is to apply some of the best-practice he developed whilst at the College (as its Course Director, Director of Strategy and Strategic Leadership and author of the RCDS guide to strategy-making), as well as during his earlier career as a Major General in the British Army, to help organisations refine their senior leadership skills and develop the strategies they need to succeed in an increasingly uncertain, dynamic and competitive operating environment.

As well as running his own consultancy, Craig is a Senior Research Fellow with RAND Europe (an independent not-for-profit research institute), an Associate Consultant for Crown Agents (a not-for-profit international development company) and a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). He is also the senior military education advisor for the Iraq Military Education Development Programme (MEDP), an initiative funded by the UK Government’s Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF) to improve the training and education of Iraqi army officers.

Our Services

Strategy Development

We offer a bespoke strategy development service, ranging from an interactive presentation to help you think about how you might approach strategy-making through to working with you to develop your finished strategy.

Leadership Development

High level leadership requires a different skill-set to that at the lower levels. We offer a series of presentations and workshops to help you explore these differences and identify how to close your capability gaps.

Training and Education

We offer a range of course design services to help you provide the training and education your organisation needs to develop its strategy-making and high level leadership skills.